Control systems & energy savings

Nouzové osvětlení

There is no need for the luminaires to be running on full capacity all day. And no need to dim them manually. A daylight sensor can handle it and cut your energy bills on top of that.

A sensor is the best solution for workplaces, where a particular illuminance is maintained by combination of solar and artificial light. Imagine you need to illuminate a shop floor with skylights in the roof. On a sunny day there is enough light to keep the lighting off. But how do you make sure that all workplaces are lit up to the technical norms? And how do you recognize it´s time to switch the lighting on, and on what power?

The elegant way to sort it out is to install a daylight sensor under one of the skylights and connect it to a control system. The control system will the keeps the artificial light on a level complementary to daylight. Not lower, not higher. You set the illuminance, time span and other functions you want the system to carry out for you.

This is how we usually manage to cut the energy bill on half or more. The savings can reach up to 70 % when we carry the refit further and change fluorescent lamps to LEDs.

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